Google Acquires Softcard, App is Discontinued

Late last month, Google acquired the mobile payments provider Softcard.  While this is great news for folks with the Android operating system, it also deals a heavy blow to Windows Phone users.  Effective March 31, the Softcard app for Windows Phone will be discontinued.  Softcard was the primary method for users of Windows Phone to pay with their phones using tap-to-pay.  At the time of writing, there is no successor available to replace Softcard.  With Windows 10 phone edition currently in a technical preview, this would be a welcome time to bake in this functionality in the OS. 

Alternatively, this may be a good opportunity for an app developer to make use of Windows 10's Continuum feature to create a payment platform that has not only the mobile payment features, but also hooks into the desktop OS to function as a payment provider for other apps.  At this point, only time will tell. 

Are you a Windows Phone Softcard user?  What are your thoughts on the subject?