Using Siri and Things as a GTD Capture Point

One of my biggest GTD challenges has been capturing my thoughts when I’m in less-than-ideal situations, such as when I’m driving or when I don’t have the ability to jot something down quickly.  Sure, I could have had a tape recorder or such, then transcribe the recordings when I get home, but that adds a certain layer of complexity that is prohibitive at best.  I need something easy that I don’t have to think about using.  Cultured Code’s Things now imports items from the iOS Reminders app, and this provides the perfect setup for me.

Prior to this point, Siri allows me to create reminders quickly, such as, “Remember to insert 3 more slides into the deck.”  It then creates the item in the Reminders app.  The problem had been getting the reminder into a more usable format.  The Reminders app gives some base functionality, but not quite what I need overall.  I have my reminders going to Exchange by default, but still, I need to get the items out of Outlook/ and into Things, which I use for GTD.  

Recently, Cultured Code integrated Reminders into Things as an option (not on by default).  It hooks into the Reminders, and lists them all in Things’ Inbox.  From there, it’s a single click, and the item’s imported into Things’ inbox and removed from Reminders.  Now, when I randomly create a reminder using Siri, it’s available for import the next time I go into Things.  Because of this, I can now easily collect ideas wherever I am.

Afterthought:  This also allows for some other ease of use scenarios.  For example, I can create a task from my CRM, and have it save it in Outlook’s tasks, thereby importing it into Things.  The possibilities are endless.  Do you use the Reminders integration as well?  How do you use it with your system?